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As reported last month, the legislature asks Supreme Court to address minimum wage and paid leave changes.  

Following a state senator’s request for an attorney general opinion, the Michigan legislature passed resolutions HR 25 and SR 16. These resolutions formally asked the Michigan Supreme Court to weigh in on the legality of adopting then amending initiated laws raising the minimum wage and creating medical leave benefits. The legislature took this action since it was likely this question would ultimately fall to the courts to make a final determination. With the legislation slated to take effect in late March (March 29) employers need certainty on what new regulations they will be asked to comply with. Employers should note that laws passed by the legislature are presumed to be constitutional and should assume the changes will go into effect as planned. That said, it would be wise to wait to implement any changes to employee payroll or benefits until March 29 and keep an eye out for updates. 

Click here for amended bill on Minimum Wage

Click here for amended bill on Paid Sick Leave





The Voice of Michigan Golf Business” Heard!

Legislature passes amendments on Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave

Michigan Golf Course Association, “The Voice of Michigan Golf Business”, earlier this year strategically aligned with “Small Business for a Better Michigan”, a coalition of Michigan job providers.

Why? To advise the legislature to make changes to the burdensome legislation for Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave.

As a result, earlier in December the Michigan Legislature sent their amendments to both Michigan’s Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave laws that were passed in early September to the Governor’s desk to be signed.

Due to recommendations from MGCA government affairs and the Small Business for a Better Michigan, the final draft that passed in the legislature made both proposals workable for the Michigan business community.

For full details on SB-1171 and SB-1175, visit, government affairs.

The MGCA government affairs takes the lead in legislative advocacy for the golf industry in Michigan. We need YOUR voice to make the MGCA voice louder..





URGENT! Have your Representative support the amendments!


MGCA and the  Small Business Association of MI have been working together

to minimize the effects that the minimum wage and earned sick time bills will

have on your business!  Contact your State Representative this morning as

it looks like they could be voting on the amendments this afternoon!


Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 10:04 AM

House Panel Moves Sick Time, Minimum Wage To Floor

The House Michigan Competitiveness Committee this morning reported legislation neutralizing most of the effects of minimum wage and earned sick time laws adopted earlier this fall that originated as voter initiatives.

SB 1171 and SB 1175 were reported on 6-3 party-line votes. The bills could come up on the floor for a full House vote as early as this afternoon.

Democrats offered several amendments, which were rejected. No changes were made to the Senate-passed versions of the bills.

Republicans and business groups support the changes, saying current policy, which the Legislature adopted to keep both issues off the ballot, is too extreme and difficult for businesses to comply with.

Democrats, activists and the groups that worked to get signatures for the proposals say the changes gut the intent and shouldn't be passed during the same session in which they were adopted.

The two bills are indeed significant departures to what was put before the Legislature when it enacted the initiated acts in September. SB 1171 delays the phase-in for the $12 minimum wage to 2030 instead of 2022. It also reinstates the tipped minimum wage. Tipped workers would make $4 an hour by 2030 versus the $3.52 those workers make now. They would have made the regular minimum wage under the initiatives by 2024.

The bill also breaks the link in the minimum wage to inflation after 2030, removing the inflation adjuster put in place in a 2014 compromise.

For paid sick time, instead of requiring employers to provide one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked up to 72 hours earned per year, as the initiative stipulates, SB 1175 *requires one hour for every 40 hours worked and caps sick time at 36 hours annually instead of 72.

Further, the bill limits the application of the requirement to employers with 50 or more employees, as the federal Family and Medical Leave Act provides. Far more workers would be covered under the initiated law.







Proposal Summaries

Michigan's Time to Care (Paid Sick Leave)

  • Requires a company to provide 72 hours of paid earned sick time (one hour of paid leave for every 30 hours worked)
  • Small businesses with fewer than 10 employees would have to provide 40 hours paid sick leave and up to 32 hours of unpaid sick leave
  • Only federal employees are exempt meaning all employers including state and local government, private, non-profits, churches, agriculture and more  will be required to comply with the policy
  • This legislation includes part-time employees
  • Sick leave can be used for a wide and potentially unrestricted list of reasons, including for care of any person related by blood “or affinity” – a vague regulatory term
  • No proof (i.e. doctors note) is required to take sick leave; liability lies with the employer
  • Does not require notice of employer prior to use of paid sick time
  • Empowers state bureaucrats with new investigatory and regulatory authority including civils penalties.

 One Fair Wage (Minimum Wage)        

  • Increase Michigan's minimum wage to $12.00/hour by 2022.
  •  Eliminate Michigan's tipped wage to match minimum wage by 2024.



  The MGCA joins the Small Business for a Better Michigan coalition to support Legislative Adoption of the MI Time to Care ballot proposal”

Understanding that the MGCA opposes any increase in minimum wage, it has come to our attention through our alliance with SBAM that they  have formed the “Small Business for a Better Michigan” coalition to make sure that the MI Time to Care ballot proposal (Paid Sick Leave) does not leave the hands of elected policy makers. 

The strategy for the coalition is to have the legislators first adopt as law, and then amend in Lame Duck.

Read the one page summary here from the coalition.


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